Thoughts of Hope

A journey of life with God as the author.

Cheers, to a Summer of a Few Failures, Some Great Memories, and Many Lessons from the Man Upstairs

The Lord will always have a lot to teach me, but this summer was especially humbling. I am thankful and blessed for the trials and tribulations I face and the ability to know that the Lord will work through it all.


Listen up, Ladies.

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see these articles that people share, that pop up because of popularity, and so on. The titles sound similar to this list: How to Please Him Make Him Fall In Love and... Continue Reading →

Giving it to God

This Easter season I don't just want to give something up for this short time, I want to give it to God wholly.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

The most cliche line of all time! Am I right?

Am I Enough?

Spoiler: YOU ARE.

Faith, Food, and Family

Even as we go about the holidays spending time with those that we are close to, it is important to remember that our biggest blessing is our salvation that has been granted to us for Christ dying on the cross.

Thoughts of Hope – Introduction

My hope (haha, get it?) is that the thoughts and needs that God has placed on my heart I will be able to share with someone else going through similar situations or struggling with the same things.

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